Annual Meeting Minutes, June 10, 2017

Nelson L Assoc. Annual Meeting, June 10,217

Meeting opened at 9:30 am by Pres. Bill Wilcox.
Minutes of the June 11, 2016 meeting were approved as listed in the packet.
Northern Waters Environmental School gave a presentation regarding their monthly projects. They provide real-world, hands-on, meaningful projects and have weekly day trip activities. The students have helped stock white suckers on Nelson L., helped with our Fish Sticks program, and built/set up duck homes below the Nelson L. dam. They have done environmental projects all around Sawyer Co.
Fisheries update: Max Wolters, Fisheries Biologists from the Hayward DNR office gave a presentation on the Nelson L. fishery. While he didn’t have a lot of good news, he felt we are a model association. WALLEYE: In the past 15+ years, walleyes are not reproducing well. About 93,000 extended growth walleyes have been stocked in Nelson L. by the DNR and our Lake Assoc. The Fisheries crew did an electrofishing survey this past week, and will do a creel survey all through the summer. There are no large year classes of walleye currently, although there are lots of 18+ inch fish. PIKE: These predators are not too abundant, but there are many good size fish. CRAPPIE and PERCH: very abundant with few over 9 inches. There is a lack of predators, which means there are not enough big fish to eat the smaller panfish. LM BASS: The bass numbers peaked in 2011, and the average size has gone up since then, while the total number of bass has dropped. BLUEGILLS: Good number of keepers in the 7-8 inch range. Mild winters have increased the small number of 3-4 inch gills. SUCKERS: We have added approx.. 10% to the total white sucker population. FISH STICKS: 113 trees were dropped on the Big Island of Nelson L. this past winter. We now have dropped nearly 1.000 trees. Where do we go from here? Walleye will continue to be added. Fish Sticks program will continue this winter.
Financial Report: We currently have $43,786.90 in our accounts.
Elections: Cara Goldman is running for Treasurer, and Kelly Plote, John Welter, and Casey Stangl are up for reelection. They were all voted into their positions.
2 Gift Certificates were awarded, and can be used at Nelson L. resorts.
The Garage Sale will be held on July 8-9th at the Lenroot Township Hall.
The meeting was closed at 11:30 am.

Steve Bilitz Secretary