Nelson L. Association Annual Meeting 6/8/24

The 2024 NLA Annual meeting opened promptly by Pres. Rick Lindner at 9:00 AM.

Lenroot Township Report. A lot of time was spent clearing brush at the new park by the dam. More parking is now available with the purchase of some land adjacent to the Gerlach’s Landing parking lot. The 2024-25 lake drawdown plans are now in place. It will start on Sept. 15 and return to full pool sometime in the Spring of 2025, depending on weather. A new truck for plowing will be purchased soon.

Walleye Recovery Plans: Stocking walleyes in Nelson L. has not been successful. The goal is to maintain a small walleye population. We will stock 9, 500 fingerling-plus size walleyes at the end of June/early July. Cost will be 79 cents each.

Kayak Around the Big Island: Everyone is welcome to join. Cost: no charge. Starting at Gerlach’s Landing at 10 AM, they’ll travel clockwise around the Big Island toward Norway Point through Eagle Pass, then past Tanning Point on the way back to Gerlach’s. You’ll reach there by about 12 Noon; in plenty of time to attend the August 17th Annual Picnic.

Business Reports:
Financial Report: NLA has $42, 970.98 at its disposal. Most of our income comes from membership dues and donations from members. Largest expenses are for walleye rehab work via stocking, invasive species summer staffing at the 2 public access sites, and other lake projects. Just over 300 membership forms were recently sent out. The annual review of our financial activities was completed recently by Round Lake Tax and Consulting. Our records are well organized.

MOTION: to approve the report. Passed.

The Annual Meeting minutes of 2023 were read. MOTION: to approve the minutes. Passed.
Board Member Elections: Every year 4 of the 12 Board positions are open for election at the Annual Meeting. This year the President and 3 Director-At-Large board positions are to be filled. This year the elections are unique in that Rick Lindner is stepping down as President. Dale McPherson has agreed to assume the presidency. During this transition, Rick will move to the V-P position, and Scott Wied will complete the term for Harold Burton. The 4 candidates are Rick Lindner, Jeff Hanson, Mark Schenzer, and Mike Hallum.

MOTION: since no further candidates are up for election, motion made to approve the 4 candidates for reelection. Passed.

The Annual Picnic will take place on August 17 starting at 4 PM. There will be catered food and Minnow races for the kids will take place. The Annual Raffle will also happen at the picnic.

Scholarship Award: Each year we give $1, 000 to a high school senior who is taking up Natural Resources or Environmental Science classes in college. This year’s winner is Erin Ewert who will be working on Environmental Scienes at U-W Eau Claire, WI.

Door Prizes: $25 gift certificates were won by Ron Redmond and Ed Flanum. They can be redeemed at any Nelson L. Resort.

MOTION: to adjourn the meeting at 9:55 AM to June 14, 2025, the date of our next Annual Meeting. Passed.

Respectfully submitted, Steve Bilitz, Secretary