Nelson L. Association Board
Meeting Minutes 04/10/24

The meeting was opened promptly by Pres. Rick Lindner at 6:38 pm.

Members present: Rick Lindner, Harold Burton, Gordy Christians, Tom LeMay, Casey Stangl, Mark Schaenzer, Dale McPherson, Mike Hallum, Glenn Rolloff, and Steve Bilitz.
Treasurer’s Report: As of 12/31/23 there was $13, 215.25 in the checking account, and $28,020.17 in the Money Market account. MOTION to approve the report. Passed.

Scholarship Candidates: There were quite a number of candidates to consider for this award, Erin Ewert was chosen to receive the $1,000 scholarship, pending her 1st report card. MOTION: to approve Erin Ewert for the upcoming school year. Passed.

Raffle Items Discussion: There were a good number of raffle prize options to consider for tis year’s raffle. We will use the following as raffle prizes: a Blackstone grill, Yeti cooler and either a lily pad or a blow-up tube for pulling behind a boat. We will also have 4-5 gift cards from Nelson L. resorts who sell raffle tickets, and a few rod/reel combos from Minnow Jim’s for minnow races prizes. MOTION: to approve. Passed.

MOTION: instead of 400 tickets, to approve the printing of 500 raffle tickets. Passed.

Lenrroot Town Board Update: The Board is considering purchasing 7 acres of land connected to the Gerlock’s Boat Landing. This will allow blacktopping the parking area. This will allow added parking if needed in the future. This season paving will be done on the eon Porkey’s Rd. ast end of Nelson L. Road,, Simmon’s Rd., and a portion of Company Lake Rd. A large culvert will be replaced on Porkey’s Rd. In the Fall of 2024 Nelson L. will be drawn down 4 ft. This will help in the repair of the Nelson L. dam boat landing.

Fishing Has No Boundaries Plans: The FHNB fishing event will take place May 17-18th. We will have a boat and a pontoon with NLA signs plastered all over them.

NABA Ice Fishing Event: This took place last “winter”. It was not too well attended. There were some good door prizes. NABA gave NLA $500 for our help with parking vehicles.
Walleye Stocking: It had been discussed to spend $5,000 for stocking this season. MOTION: to spend $7,500 for stocking walleyes if they are available. PASSED.

Buoy Change: Summer Buoys will go in sometime in April. We need 1 new buoy, which is ordered.

Spring Newsletter: Items for the Spring Newsletter were discussed. It will be published by mid-May and the deadline for reports will be no later than May 1, 2024.

Annual Meeting: The agenda for this meeting was provided. A short discussion took place.

Boat Inspection Staff: There will be 1 new member and 3 “vets” returning from last season. Discussion on inspector’s hourly pay. MOTION: to increase their pay from $15 to $18/hour. Passed.

There was a discussion on whether or not we should contribute to the July 4th fireworks. Due to liability issues, we won’t make any donation. We have not been asked to do so.

Next Meeting: June 3, 2024 at 6:30 pm. Meeting was closed at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Steve Bilitz, Secr.