Board Meeting Minutes, August 1, 2016

Nelson L. Board Meeting, August 1, 2016
Meeting opened at 6:30 pm by Pres. Bill Wilcox.
Financial Report: We have $2,440.59 in the checking acct., $37,840.66 in the Money Market Acct., and a grand total of $42, 280.95. Approved.

MOTION to move $3,000 from the Money Market to the checking acct. Passed.

The Annual Picnic is set for Sat. Aug. 13, 2016. Items to bring to the picnic: tables, food and
drinks, ice, chairs, kids prizes, raffle tickets, fish sticks and invasive species info, portapotty,
trash bags. Raffle tickets for the Apple IPod Air 2: We have sold approx $250 in tickets. More will be sold at
Nelson L Resorts and at the picnic. Winner will be drawn the day of the picnic.

Fall Newsletter: Info to go into the newsletter should be in Ruth Lindner’s hands by Oct. 15th and it will go out around Nov. 1st. The following will be in the newsletter: Raffle, minnow races, and high school student winners; meet the new Board members; Financial report; possibly some fish sticks into; Sucker stocking report; various pictures of 2016 events.

Handicapped Dock: To have one takes a lot of work. Building a handicapped dock is now off the list of things to do. We are gathering more info on having a fishing pier on Nelson Lake.

Fish Sticks Program: We looked at a number of areas for new fish sticks locations with DNR Fisheries
Biologist Max Wolter. Max is getting our permit together for the next 24 years of fish stick work.

Invasive Species Watch: We need a new coordinator for this work and will talk with other Board members.

Other items: The kiosk at the West Basin Landing was knocked down. It will be repositioned soon.

Meeting was closed at 7:35 pm.

Next Nelson L Board meeting: Oct. 3, 2016 at 6:30 pm.

Steve Bilitz, Secretary