Nelson L. Association Board
Meeting Minutes 12/04/23

The meeting was opened promptly by Pres. Rick Lindner at 6:32 pm.

Members present: Harold Burton, Rick Lindner, Gordy Christians, Tom LeMay, Casey Stangl, Mark Schaenzer, Dale McPherson, Glenn Rolloff, and Steve Bilitz.

The Board meeting minutes of 10/2/23 were read online and a few additions were made. MOTION: to approve the amended minutes. Passed.

Treasurer’s Rert: We now have 261 members in our Association. There is $19, 993.48 in the checking account, and $28,020.17 in the money market account. MOTION: to approve the report. Passed.

FHNB activities: We will give FHMB a gift of $100. No other report at this time.

Winter Rama: It will take place on Sat. Jan. 6, 2-24 from 12 Noon to 4 pm at The Landing once again.

NABA Fishing Event: to take place in mid-Jan. 2024 on Nelson Lake. No date set yet.

WFNWW Fishing Event: No report. We are checking to see if this group still exists.

Lenroot Board update: With land sales so expensive right now, the State requires a new assessment. It will be coming shortly. However, residents may not necessarily see an increase in their taxes. MOTION: to approve $5, 000 as a contribution to the Town Board for paving the new playground near the dam. Passed. The Board is working on plans to pave the parking lot at Gerlach’s landing.

Walleye Stocking: More discussion on the viability of stocked walleyes. MOTION: to spend $5, 000 on stocking either fingerlings or extended-growth walleyes in 2024. Passed.

Scholarship Award: The paperwork has gone out to Hayward High School for the award in 2024. When the ‘23 award winner gets her grades, we will send her $1,000.
Northern Waters Envir. School: No report. It has been difficult to reach the school.
Feb. 2024 Board Meeting: A show of hands was taken to see how many Board members will attend. As of now, there may or may not be a Feb. board meeting. There usually is not a lot going on at this time.

Other: Discussion on providing $$ to local events. MOTION: to give the Hayward Chapter of FHNB $100 for 2023. Passed.
Next meeting: Monday, Feb. 5, 2024 at 6:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Steve Bilitz, Secr.