Board Meeting Minutes Feb. 5, 2018

Nelson L. Assoc. Board Meeting, Feb. 5, 2018

Meeting opened by Pres. Bill Wilcox at 6:45 pm.

Members present: Harold Burton Gordy Christians, Tom LeMay, John Welter, Casey Stangl, Cara Goldman, Bill Wilcox, and Steve Bilitz.
Board meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: The balance as of Jan. 31, 2018 was $10,864.70. We also have $37, 547.18 in the Money Market Fund.

Fish Sticks: 23 trees were added to the shoreline of Nelson L. Discussion on whether or not we might consider adding trees in bunches of 3 during the open water season.
Walleyes for NW WI has a fishing event scheduled for 2/17/18 at the LCO public landing. We provide security and help park vehicles. Casey provided a schedule of who will work when. We will be donating a picture for their raffle.

Spring Newsletter: This NLA publication will go out in May, 2018. These items will be included: annual meeting; upcoming events; board pictures; treasurer’s report; clean boats program; Adopt a highway program; Fish management report; raffle info; Winter-Rama wrap-up, and a Fish Sticks report.
Raffle ideas: There are 3 rifles to consider: a Savage for $400, a Ruger for $399, or a Remington 243 with a sling for $350. MOTION: to raffle the Remington and add a scope costing $150 or less. Also, to raffle a kayak, sit-on-top variety costing no more than $500. Passed. There will be 200 tickets for sale for each item, that is, 400 total tickets.

NLA Dues: Discussion on possible increase of dues or should we keep dues at $20. A number of local lake associations have dues up to approx.. $35. More discussion at our April, 2018 meeting.

Boat Inspections: Report given for the totals from 2017 season. Cost to NLA is approx.. $500 out of the $7,300 total cost. We are working on inspection staff for 2018.

MOTION: to pay for our NLA insurance. Passed.

Next Board Meeting on April 2, 2018 at the Nelson L. Landing starting at 6:30 pm.
Meeting closed at 8:10 pm.

Steve Bilitz, Secr.