Board of Directors Meeting Monday, June 2, 2014

Board of Directors Meeting Monday, June 2, 2014
6:30 p.m. – Lenroot Town Hall

Bill opens meeting.
Roll Call
Present: Bill Wilcox, Mary Walker, Gordy Christians, Harold Burton, Rick Lindner, Dan Vertanen, Casey Stangl, Diane Cooper, John Welter.
Absent: Kathy Preuss, Jon Mostrom, Mike Murry.
Guest Candidate: Chris Sanger
April 7, 2014 minutes review.
Rick motions to accept minutes, Gordy 2nds, all approve.
Treasurer’s Report
Totals as of 05/27/2014
Capital One Money Market Acct: $24,601.24
Checking: $12,483.99
Members: 254
Bill motions to accept treasurer’s report, John 2nds, all approve.
NLA membership on Wisconsin Lakes expires on June 10, 2014
Bill motions to pay our membership dues.
John 2nd , all approve.
Annual Meeting To Do List
Announcements in paper and on radio – Mary
Announcement to resorts – Mary
Email announcement – Mary
Prepare packets for meeting (40 copies) – Mary
Name tags and pens – Casey
Newsletters and directory – Casey
Food for continental breakfast – John
Coffee- Vet’s Center
Speaker system – Bill
Extension cord – Bill
Projector – Gordy (note to Max Wolter to bring his own equipment)
Lap Top computer – Gordy
Set up tables and chairs – All Saturday at 8:00a.m.
Get invasives and display from Kristy – Diane pick up and deliver to Gordy
Door Prizes – (Gift Certificates 2 – $25.00 each) – Mary
Raffle Tickets and Poster – Mary
Quilt Display – Bill
Door prize tickets, cookbooks – John
Invasives Hand Outs – Bill
Displays and & Tables
Table #1 – Marlene Wilcox
Registration and Membership
Table #2 – Mary Walker
Newsletters, directory, Welcome Packet, name tags
Table #3 – John Welter
No 50/50 raffle this year
NLA raffle tickets
Door Prize raffle tickets (prize Gift Cards)
Table #4 – Bob Walker
Invasive samples
Invasive hand outs
Key chains
Table # 5 – Rick Lindner
NLA Board Candidates
Terri Burton
Chris Sanger
Post Meeting Minutes
NLA member asked if we could share our meeting minutes.
We will have a new page made on the website for minutes for NLA meeting minutes.
Mary will email minutes to all board members for approval prior to posting on website.
Diane will have availability to upload the minutes to the website for us in a timely manner.
We will archive minutes for future review.
Bill motions to post minutes after approval of the board on the website. Casey 2nds, all approve.
Timeline –Minutes will be sent out by Mary to board members in no more than a week and approval requested in timely manner.
Mary will post in next NLA newsletter that the minutes will be on the website.
Lake Conference June 20th
2014 Northwest Wisconsin Lakes Conference
June 20th – Drummond High School
Bill suggested offering all Nelson Lake Association Members an invitation to attend Lake Conference with reimbursement of the $35.00 registration fee for the first 30 members who submit a paid receipt to Casey Stangl. Registration deadline June 14, 2014.
Bill motions to make the 2014 NW Lake Conference available to all NLA members and the Nelson Lake Association will reimburse the first 30 members submitted registration fee receipt. Gordy 2nds, all approve.
Mary will send email invite to all members.
Lake Maps for Boat Inspections
Discussion of handing out lake maps at boat launches.
Resort Association will donate 100 lake maps for hand out at the boat launch.
Other Topics of Interest
Discussed boat landing signs posted on Rt. 63 for Gerlach Landing and Rt. 27 for Dam Landing.
John discussed getting buoys in before the NLA pontoon is repaired as there is no definite time for the completion of repair.
Harold offered his pontoon for use, plans in process to get buoys in as soon as possible.
Rich requested Parking Lot signs for new Dam Landing to help with parking and launch flow.
Gordy will ask the county at next meeting.
Diane shared all individuals doing sections shoreline monitoring have acknowledged except one for this season.
Casey moves to adjourn, Rick 2nds, all approve.
Next Board Meeting August 4, 2014
Lenroot Town Hall 6:30 p.m.