Board Meeting Minutes, Aug 7, 2023

Nelson L. Association Board Meeting minutes

Aug. 7, 2023

The meeting was opened promptly by Pres. Rick Lindner at 6:30 pm.
Members present: Rick Lindner, Gordy Christians, Tom LeMay, John Welter, Casey Stangl, Mark Schaenzer, Jeff Hansen, Mike Hallum, Glenn Rolloff, and Steve Bilitz.

Board meeting minutes of 6/5/23 and the annual meeting minutes of 6/10/23 were read and corrected on-line. MOTION: to approve both minutes. Passed.

Treasurer’s report: The Money Market has $28,018.79 in it. The checking account is at approximately $27,000 due to no computer available today. MOTION: To approve the report. Passed.

Annual Picnic: There was a discussion on the annual picnic tasks.

Raffle tickets status: Nearly all the tickets have been sold via resorts on the lake. Only a few may be available for sale at the picnic.
The Fall Newsletter inclusions were discussed. We may be able to get extra extended growth walleyes. That is important since the WI DNR will not be stocking Nelson L. this year. MOTION: to purchase walleyes from Galon’s, if available. We will vote on this walleye purchase via email. All info for the Fall Newsletter should be in Rick’s hands by the end of September.

Tagalder Beach info: Even with a trash barrel no longer available, there has been no trash on the beach. We will get more people using this beach when more sand is placed there.

Weed Watch update: Nothing has been found on Nelson L.

Lenroot Township Update: Paving on Tanning Pt Rd and the dam picnic area will happen by next week.

Resort Assoc. report: The TV show “Discover Wisconsin” will be on Nelson L. this week. Cost is about $50,000 shared between the Nelson L. Resort Assoc. and Hayward Tourism.

Board Member dinner event: Oct. 2 at Tall Pines Resort for Board members and spouses as appreciation for their work.
Other items: Discussion on Nelson L. fishing, especially regarding small panfish and larger Northern Pike.

Next meeting: Oct. 2, 2023 at 6:30 pm at Tall Pines.

Respectfully submitted,

Steve Bilitz, Secretary