Board Meeting Minutes, April 4, 2016

Nelson L Board Meeting, April 4, 2016

Meeting opened at 6:30 pm. Roll Call was taken. Members present: Ruth and Rick Lintner, John Welter, Dan Vertanen, Gordy Christians, Casey Stangl, Harold Burton, Bill Wilcox, and Steve Bilitz.

Annual Meeting Agenda for June 11, 2016: Weed control legal or not; Clean Boats/Clean Waters on Nelson L; Fish Sticks Update; Annual Meeting Business (Approval of June, 2015 minutes, Financial report, Vote for Board Members, Membership status, Other business).

Newsletter update: Wood duck houses info, Treasurer’s report, and List of Board Nominations to come soon. Newsletter will go out by May 15, 2016.

Buoy placement on Nelson L.: to be done before May 1 by Board members.

Fishing Has No Boundaries: Motion to allow FHNB use our pontoon for their event. Passed.

Boat Landing Monitors: We have 4 new people to share the monitor duties at the boat landing near the dam, and Donna Ritter will continue at the Gerlach’s Landing.

Motion to close at 7:45 pm. Passed.