Board Meeting Minutes, June 11, 2022

Nelson L. Association 40th Anniversary Meeting, June 11, 2022

The meeting was opened by Pres. Rick Lindner promptly at 9:30 am.

Lenroot Township Report: The township purchased a new dump truck and grader. Pickleball courts were added at Silverthorn Park, and a ski shelter placed on Hwy OO. Norvado is installing new fiber optic lines this year. A new bridge will go up over Tagalder Creek between July and Sept. The bridge will be closed during that time.

Drawdown Proposal: The question is: Do we want Walleyes or not? Gordy Christians gave a presentation regarding the fish status of Nelson L. Around 1970, walleyes became the dominant fish. The lake had mostly small walleyes. There were up to 15 Walleyes per acre. Shoreline and building development increased and fishing technology improved. About 2004 the DNR-Fishheries developed a management plan for Nelson L’s fisheries. Walleyes were the main goal. By 2000, LM bass, Crappie, Northern Pike, and Bluegill were the dominant species. Walleyes have been stocked totaling approx. 258,000 fish. Surveys consistently show very little stocking success. Which means Nelson Lake is no longer a good walleye lake. Today, we have lots of Crappies and Bluegills with quite a few LM Bass. Silt and weeds on top of the 1-4 ft rocky bottom has lessened the walleye spawning areas. Lots of Crappies eat many of the tiny Walleye fry.

At last year’s drawdown, it took 49 days to get the water down 4 feet, and 26 days in the Spring to bring the water up to normal depths. Turtles and frogs were not affected at all. In the Fall of 2021, a DNR-Fisheries electro survey captured only 1 extended growth Walleye.

MOTION: to begin a Fall drawdown on Sept. 30, 2022 bringing the water down 2 ft. and filling the lake next Spring by around April 15, 2023. Passed.

Tagalder Beach: A new public beach was developed directly north of the old Tagalder boat landing. Discussion took place regarding the possibility of litter, and some conflict of interests between beach users and anglers around the beach area. Signs are going up to remind beach and landing users not to litter. Some added sand will be placed on the beach in the next couple of weeks.
Minutes of the June 12, 2021 annual meeting were read and approved.

Financial and Membership Reports: An audit of our books was done and approved. Balance as of 4/1/21 was $41, 994 and ending 3/31/22 totaled $48, 322. The checking account has $20, 415 while the Money Market account has $27, 906.
MOTION: to approve the Finance Report. Passed.

As of this meeting, we have 226 families in our Association.
Elections: The following are nominated for reelection: Harrold Burton, Steve Bilitz, Gordy Christians, and Tom LeMay. MOTION: to elect the above 4 candidates. Passed.

Annual Picnic: The picnic will take place Aug. 8, 2022 at the Dam Park. It will be a catered meal. You are encourage to attend.
Scholarship: This year’s $1, 000 gift is to Hayward High School’s Senior Emma Mittlesdorf. She plans to attend U-W Stout this coming Fall.

Door Prizes: $25 gift certificates were given to Ricky Briggs and Cathy Yohnk. They can be used at any participating Nelson L. Resort.
Next Annual Meeting: Saturday, June 10, 2023.

Respectfully submitted, Steve Bilitz, Secr.