Board Meeting Minutes, June 3, 2019

Nelson L. Assoc. Board Meeting, June 3, 2019

The meeting was opened promptly by Pres. Rick Lindner.

Members present: Harold Burton, Gordy Christians, Angie Dorenski, Rick Lindner, Casey Stengl, Kelly Plote, Tom LeMay, Cara Goldman, and Steve Bilitz.

Minutes were passed via email.

Treasurer’s Report: We have $37,650.62 in the Money Market Acct., and $9,006.16 in the checking account. Passed.

MOTION: To pay Sue Sjostrom, our former auditor, with a $100 gift certificate, as a way to thank her for her service to NLA. Passed.

MOTION: to pay our new auditor $25/hr up to $200 per audit. Passed.
We went over our to-do list for the annual meeting.

Board Elections: Gordy Christians, Steve Bilitz, Tom LeMay, and Harold Burton are up for reelection at the June 8th Annual Meeting.

MOTION: To raise our annual dues to $30. Passed.

Nelson Park Update: Larry Carlson has offered to do the park shelter, which we hope to have finished this summer. Contracting for the blacktop is done.

Town Board Updates: Road blacktopping is on schedule, and the power loading signs are installed.

Boat Inspection Staffing: So far this season all staff have been there.

Picnic Food Coordinator: still looking for a volunteer(s).

Aug. 5, 2019 – Next Board meeting.

Steve Bilitz, Secr.