Board Meeting Minutes April. 1 2019

Nelson L. Assoc. Board Meeting, April 1, 2019

The meeting was opened promptly at 6:30 pm by Pres. Lindner.

Members present: Harold Burton, Gordy Christians, Kelly Plote, Tom LeMay, Art Saxum, John Welter, Cara Goldman, Casey Stangl, Mark Schatzner, Rick Lindner, and Steve Bilitz.

The minutes of the past Board meeting were passed via email.

Treasurer’s Report: We have $37,641.34 in the Money Market Acct., and $4,607.08 in our checking acct. Donations are coming in faster than previous years.

School Candidates: There was one biology major out of the 3 candidates. MOTION: to have Lisa Snyder receive our $500 scholarship. Passed.

Board Elections: they are all on the annual meeting agenda.

Raffle Item Status: The fishing kayak is ordered via Wal Mart. Casey will pick it up this month.

Fishing Has No Boundaries: The Chippewa Flowage will be the location for this special tournament on May 17-18th. They will use our pontoon.
Northern Waters Environmental School: We will ask for their help with work around the new park near the Nelson L. dam. They may also make wood duck houses.
Nelson L. Park update: New sign and roof are being built. One person will do the shelter.

Town Board update: Hwy 63 will be detoured. Both docks at our 2 public access sites need some repairs. Power loading signs are ordered and will be placed near the access sites.

Littering Signs and Cards: Small cards will be handed out to each boater by our boat monitors. These cards give littering warnings and instructions on what to do if you see a boater littering.

Annual Meeting: The agenda is set to go for the June 8, 2019 meeting.

Boat Monitors: A number of boat monitors are ready to go and their schedule is completed.

Resort Assoc.: No report.

Picnic Food Coordinator: needed for the annual picnic on Aug. 10th. Let Rick know who might help in this position.

Next meeting: June 3, 2019 at 6:30 pm.

Steve Bilitz, Secretary