Nelson L. Association Board
Meeting Minutes 6/3/24

Nelson L. Association Board
The meeting was opened promptly at 6:30 pm by Pres. Rick Lindner.
Members present: Rick Lindner, Harold Burton, Gordy Christians, Tom LeMay, John Welter, Casey Stangl, Mark Schaenzer, Jeff Hanson, Dale McPerson, Glenn Rolloff, Scott Wied, and Steve Bilitz.

The Board meeting minutes of 4/6/24 were read online. MOTION: to approve the minutes. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report: $17, 220 in the checking account, and $28, 631 in the money market account. There were 300 membership directories printed.

There was a discussion on the annual meeting agenda. Also, a discussion on the To-Do list for that meeting.

Scholarship Report: Casey will announce who the winner will be at the Annual Meeting.
Invasive Monitoring Network: All monitors resigned up for this year. Thankfully, no invasives have been found so far.

Town Board Report: The township will conduct a property reevaluation this Fall. You will receive a note regarding this work.

Resort Association Report: Summer T-shirts are now for sale at local Nelson L. resorts.
Raffle Prizes: All prizes for the raffle have been purchased and are ready to be won.

Aug. 17 Picnic: There was a discussion on the annual picnic plans. Last minute items will be discussed at our 8/5/24 Board meeting.

Pontoon Rebuild: There was a discussion on the possibility of rebuilding the NLA pontoon. We may also consider purchasing a good, used pontoon with a new model outboard engine.

MOTION: to either rebuild our current pontoon or purchase an inexpensive used pontoon with a 40-50 hp outboard for no more than $5,800. Passed.

Harold’s retirement: Harold will be retiring at the Annual Meeting. Scott Wied will fill the open Board position. There will be a meal for Board members and spouses at Flat Cree Restaurant and Saloon at 4:30 PM.

Meeting was closed at 7:20 pm.

Next Board meeting on 8/5/24 at 6:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Steve Bilitz, Secr.