Board of Directors Meeting Monday, August 4, 2014

Board of Directors Meeting Monday, August 4, 2014
6:30 p.m. – Lenroot Town Hall

Bill opens meeting.
Roll Call
Present: Bill Wilcox, Mary Walker, Gordy Christians, Harold Burton, Rick Lindner, Casey Stangl, Diane Cooper, John Welter, Chris Sanger, Terri Burton.
Absent: Dan Vertanen
Picnic Food Volunteers: Jacki and Joe Valdez
June 2, 2014 minutes approved prior to posting minutes on website in June.
Treasurer’s Report
Totals as of 06/30/2014
Capital One Money Market Acct: $24,611.35
Checking: $11,436.49
Members: 221
Rick motions to accept treasurer’s report, John 2nds, all approve.
Picnic to Do List
Tables – 25 CAP – $75 Donation Harold – will pick up 23, may have 10 more
Tables – 20 St. Joseph’s Casey – will pick up 20 tables and 175 chairs
2 Canopies (1 large & 1 small ) Casey
Visa Gift Card Casey
Quilt Display Bill
Setup (2:00 – 4:00) (8 Helpers) Dan
Silent Auction / Bid Sheets Terri, Mary & Marlene
Runners for Food (2) Diane will line up
Food & Food Service Jacki Valdez, & Sandy Vertanen
Frame for Ice John
Plastic for Ice John
Picnic Supplies John
Kids Prizes – 10 and under (35) Bill
Displays – Fish Sticks & Invasives Rick
AIS Samples from Kristy Rick
Speaker System & Extension Cords Bill
, dues Casey
Ice, Soda, & Water Gordy
(Include ice for the salad table – 2 50# bags)
Camera Mary
Port-A-Potty Park Island
Communications Casey, Mary, & Diane
Trash Containers & Bags Bill
Donation Receipt – Silent Auction Casey
Kids Minnow Race Gordy & ?
Race Prizes (2) Bill
Kids Lure Making No
Wood Duck Houses Eric Verhoeven, Dan, & Al Minar
Face Painters No

Fall Newsletter
All articles to Mary by Oct. 13 to build fall newsletter.
> Max Wolter – article on fyke nets, shocking survey, fall survey
> Scholarship winner
> All other articles are being decided upon

Fish Sticks – Rick Lindner update
2015 fish sticks will be on south side of island from Bennie’s Bay to Bean Bay, the trees have already been marked for the project.
Rick is in discussion with Max Wolter on stocking of forge fish(suckers) in Nelson Lake.
Walleye stocking plan is none in 2014, 25,000 walleye in 2015.
Water Chemistry Testing
Looking for a replacement for Bob Walker to do our water testing from May – September. Chris Sanger has volunteered to take over the testing, Bob will contact Chris via email to set up a time to discuss the transition. Chris will attend the water chemistry training in the spring of 2015.
Board Director Replacement
Mike Murry will be moving, we are actively looking for a replacement for his position as board member.
FHNB/SRC Pontoon Use 8/13
Fishing Has No Boundaries and the Sawyer County Senior Center has asked to use our pontoon on August 13 for their event on Nelson Lake. Bill asks for approval, all agree.
Casey Stangl is checking on availability to captain the pontoon for the event.
Other Topics of Interest
Boat landing signs discussed to be posted on Rt. 63 and Nelson Lake Road for Gerlach Landing and Rt. 27 for Dam Landing.
Bill motions to purchase 4- aluminum 12″x18″ brown and cream universal launch signs at $17.95 each
Rick 2nds
All approve.
Bill will be contacting the county highway department to get approval for posting. John Welter has offered to post the signs on 27 and Nelson Lake Road locations.
Hayward High School scholarship coordinator sent a very nice thank you letter for our NLA $500 scholarship. Also of interest, there were 61 individual scholarships funded from Hayward area at a total of $88,000.00 with 45 seniors receiving them.
Bill will send a note to Kathy Preuss and Duane Arndt for coordination of our scholarship program again in 2015.
Discussed a laminated invasives book. Bob Walker will head up finding the content and costs for producing the books.
Casey moves to adjourn, Rick 2nds, all approve.
Next Board Meeting October 4, 2014
Lenroot Town Hall 6:30 p.m.