Board Meeting Minutes, June 5, 2023

Minutes of the June 5, 2023
Nelson L. Assoc. Board meeting

The meeting was opened promptly at 6:30 pm by President Rick Lindner.

Members present: Rick Lindner, Harold Burton, Gordy Christians, Casey Stangl, John Welter, Tom LeMay, Mark Schaenzer, Jeff Hanson, Dale McPherson, Mike Hallum, Glenn Rolloff, and Steve Bilitz.

Board meeting minutes from 3/27/23 were reviewed on-line. MOTION: to approve. Passed.
Treasurer’s Report: 301 is the current membership to the NLA. The Money Market fund has $27, 990.71 in it, and the checking account has a total of $28, 289.52. MOTION: to approve. Passed.

The Annual Meeting Agenda was reviewed. The meeting will be held on Sat. June 10, 2023.

Scholarship Program: Instead of Emma, who didn’t return back to college, Erin Morgan will receive the $1,000 scholarship.
Invasive Monitoring Network: All positions are once again filled.

Town Board Update: Tanning Pt Rd around Bullhead Lake will be raised a bit and blacktopped. Work will start next week. All playground equipment at the new pavilion is set up.

Resort Association report: Summer T-shirt program is currently going on. Ravelle’s Resort will have the meat raffle this week Thursday.

Raffle update: All resorts on the lake have raffle tickets.

Raffle prizes: All prizes, except for the kayak, are purchased and ready to go.

MOTION: to buy the necessary sand for the new beach. Passed. We will get the trash can out of the area.
DNR-Fisheries Stocking plans: There was a long discussion on Nelson Lake and its fisheries. A video was produced by Max Walter, local Fisheries Biologist, and will be available for the Annual Meeting.
The meeting was closed at 8:16 pm

Steve Bilitz, Secr.