Meeting Minutes – Oct. 2, 2017

Nelson L. Board Meeting, Oct. 2, 2017

The meeting opened promptly at 6:30 pm by Pres. Bill Wilcox.
Members present: Bill Wilcox, Rick Lindner, Gordy Christians, Tom LeMay, John Welter, Cara
Goldman, and Steve Bilitz.
The last Board Meeting minutes were approved online.
Treasurer’s Report: There is $37,434 in the money market acct., and $5,898 in the checking
MOTION: The Nelson L. Assoc. Requests grant funds under the DNR’s Aquatic Invasive
Species (AIS) Grant Program, and hereby authorizes Bill Wilcox to act on its behalf by signing
and submitting an application for financial assistance; completing and submitting periodic
reports, if needed; and taking necessary actions to direct and complete the Clean Boats Clean
Waters Project. Passed.

There was a short discussion on the June, 2018 NLA Board elections.
The Fish Sticks program will continue this winter by dropping trees on both sides of Crappie Bay
on the northside of Nelson L. As we get closer to winter, there will be more information on this
great fish habitat program.

Fish Stocking on Nelson L. will be done Oct. 5th at Gerlach’s Landing, Patrow’s Landing, and
Bog Bay. This Fall we will be receiving both extended growth walleyes and 600 lbs of fathead
minnows for feed. All 3 stocking areas are protected, shallow areas. Walleyes for NW
Wisconsin will be providing monies to help pay for this stocking effort, and John Welter will see if
the Nelson L. Resort Association will be able to help too.

There was also a discussion on the raffle ticket sales and prizes. We are considering 1 large
item and a couple smaller gifts. Examples include: kayak, paddleboard, rifle, gift baskets, gift
certificates. Think about these and other options for next year’s raffle ticket sales.
The NLA Fall Newsletter will be going out in November. The marker buoys on the lake will be
picked up on Wed. Oct. 11th.

Meeting closed at 7:15 pm.

Steve Bilitz, Secretary